Who took my cookie?!

100 Women

 I saw a challenge over at 100 Women through 150_comms and though it's fanfiction prompts, I really liked the idea of turning it into a fanart/digital art prompt site.

So I decided to take some of those prompts and do my own list of women with the prompts and this is what I have:

1. Dream (Buffy - Earshot episode)
2. Drunk - (Buffy - Beer Bad epi)
3. Laughter (Buffy)
4. Phoenix (Kushina - Naruto)
5. Rebirth (Buffy - 
Bargaining  Part 1)
6. Ends (Buffy - Chosen)
7. Mother  (Mary - Supernatural)
8. Hug (Mary and Dean - Supernatural).....or any other since I can't think of anything that doesn't include Buffy, lol
9. Here (Hinata - Naruto)
10. Sanctuary (Missouri - Supernatural)
11. Friends (Buffy and Willow)
12. Daughter (Btvs/Supernatural crossover)
13. Death (Mary and Jess - Supernatural)
14. Red (Kushina - Naruto)
15. Winter (Buffy - Amends)

So there we go! Fifteen wallpapers to do and if anyone would like to do one with me *cough* Bre, I'm looking at you :P *cough* then let me know!

Who took my cookie?!


 My boyfriend would rather say goodnight to a girl who he met at a college course than he would me. 

He would rather chat to her on facebook or the xbox than me.

And I'm getting rather pissed off and upset. I know he wouldn't cheat on me, that I'm certain of yet he's doing all this and I've told him how I feel. 

He doesn't seem to care and I'm not going to stick around for much longer if he's going to continue to do this. 

He needs to decide on this - would he rather spend time with her (a goth girl who moans and complains about her sucking, who can't eat because she doesn't like to eat and has pretty much everything wrong with her) or me, his girlfriend for nearly three years?