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AHewlett's Journal

Home of much rambling

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About AHewlett.
Here you will find bases, icons, banners and every kind of graphic I happen to be able to make. So, make yourself comfortable and feel free to explore the community. Through this link you may browse the tags with the contents of this journal. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, so you will find a great variety of graphics on HP movies. But I love other fandoms as well. What you will also find here is real life ramblings and fanfiction…though there aren’t many updates on that front :(
Credit and such.
Credit is nice, appreciated and wanted. There is nothing quite mandatory on the net. No, I don't have powers to haunt you down and burn your house or turn your life into a living hell. I will only be sad if you don't credit me properly. Crediting is easy. Check out below a picture of how to do it. For bases, you may credit on your user profile or a specific resources post. If you prefer to do it directly in the post where you will use the bases, it is ok. As for icons, you will credit them at the moment you donwload them, in the 'comment' section.
Here are many various links where you can find my resources/awards/affiliates/etc.
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How you can credit me
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket